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Doe Handcrafted



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North Portland

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"There was a bit of time when I thought I would grow up to build houses, just like my father. Sewing is building, and working with leather is very similar to wood."

Hannah's father was a woodworker, and as a child she made jewelry to sell alongside him at a shop –– "Handmade by Hannah" the tags read. She learned a lot from his process, and though leather and woodworking might seem at odds with one another, Hannah promises that isn't true. "Sewing is building," she explains. And while her pieces are a little more portable then, say, a house –– we can see the similarities. Each one is shaped, dyed and cut with precision before being stamped or stitched by hand. And though the company is named after her Grandma Doe, each of the pieces are still handmade by Hannah. show more

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