Donald J. Fuss Fine Woodworking

Donald J. Fuss Fine Woodworking



Wood Designer


Forest, VA

about Donald J. Fuss Fine Woodworking

“Sometimes you just can’t tell what beauty is hiding under the bark of a piece of wood, and uncovering that is half of the excitement.”

Don is a wood worker with a simple goal: to make men all the world over look a little more dapper. And a little more rustic, too. His means of accomplishing this goal are pretty simple too — his handmade, wood cufflinks and tie clips. They're made from oak whiskey barrels making it a fine accessory for the discerning gentleman. Don doesn’t usually have a specific plan in mind when looking at a piece of wood - he works around its natural beauty and the piece follows suit. It's that flexibility and creativity that he thinks gives his pieces an edge, and we're inclined to agree. show more