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Fabric Folder
Austin, TX

“I hand-dye the cloths on a very small scale and each one ends up a little different. I make special and uncomplicated objects with simple geometric patterns and painterly lines.”

When Grace went on a little trip to Japan, the most coveted thing she brought home was not a present, but the eco-friendly fabric wrapping for one, otherwise known as furoshiki. They’re basically delightfully patterned cloth squares that can be used for a myriad of purposes (sake tote, picnic basket, present wrapping). Grace decided to make her own on a very small scale, using a practice called itajime, which involves folding and binding fabric then dyeing it, so that a pattern forms when it is dried and unfolded. She’s a meticulous lady, but the process is quite unpredictable—so she’s learned to love that each piece of fabric has its own variations and personality.

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