DRAM Apothecary

Better Bitter Maker
Silver Plume, CO

“Something special happens when you craft bitters using herbs grown in fresh mountain air, away from pollutants and contaminants. If you ever find yourself in Colorado please do stop by!”

If ever there was a story that could enhance the quality of a bottle of bitters, Shae’s would surely be the one. These bitters can be added to just about anything from enhancing cake recipes to cocktail concoctions to curing seasonal allergies--are made the all-natural, wild-crafted way. After studying food science and herbalism in college, then bartending to make cash, she found herself shocked to be reading the classic Angostura Bitters used in cocktails was full of synthetic flavoring and dyes. Shae knew her bitters could be way better, so she set up shop. But not just any shop. Shae chose the location of Silver Plume, CO--a “living ghost town” with less than 100 people living among historic structures--as it was in line with her aesthetic and belief in bitters made the “old­-fashioned way”.

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