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Early Bird Designs



Porcelain Painter


Worcester, MA

about Early Bird Designs

“I find working with porcelain to be really luxurious because it's so soft and smooth. It's also nice and white, making it a perfect blank canvas for my hand-drawn images.”

If you should one day find yourself inside Jill's studio, don't be fooled by the minimalistic forms of her unfinished porcelain pieces – the fun begins once she carves into them. Dark slip is inlaid into the carving to form a drawing for her detailed images and patterns. Then Jill lets stains and glaze take the forefront of her designs. Each piece is designed free-handedly, without any planning process in sight. And when it comes to painting, her tableware features vivid colors reminiscent of a watercolor painting. A far cry from the plain white pieces they started as, for sure. show more