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Eden's Savory SAP



Syrup Scientist


Echo Park, LA

about Eden's Savory SAP

“I grow a small garden and collect plants from around the city and in the mountains. I put flavors together and see how they work. Sometimes they don't.”

As a photographer, artist and chef, Eden has done a whole lot of traveling and exotic-food-trying. So she took her love of flavor, and decided to try to make something with it. Namely, a twist on simple syrup: SAP. She grows a small garden and collects plants from around the city and mountains, putting all sorts of flavors together to see how they work. And if the experimentation is a success, she bottles it all up — a process that has led to the creation of a whole bunch of SAP flavors, ranging from sweet to savory, with all sorts of uses. Her personal favorite? Adding a splash or two to beer. show more

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