Elaine B Jewelry

Elaine B Jewelry



Geometric jeweler


Charlottesville, Virginia

about Elaine B Jewelry

“My favorite objects are airy and simple yet thoughtful. I find this especially important when it comes to things that I wear. I create tiny sculptural worlds using traditional materials, making objects that are light but have a weighty presence.”

Metal-twister, glass-mover, shape-shifter. Call her whatever you want, Elaine has graduated in and mastered the fine art of jewelry making with a degree in metal-smithing and glass-blowing at VCU, followed by years of hand construction in her Charlottesville studio. Each stone: carefully selected. Most of the metal: milled from recycled material. Every piece is designed and constructed with its own unique story, and great attention to detail, whether the final product is more avant-garde or utilitarian. Working with shapes, she finds a plethora of material both common and made up. Hey, after a long enough time making jewelry, all the normal, everyday geometric shapes won’t cut it anymore. If you’re a pro like Elaine, that’s when the real creativity comes in. Hence, THE INVISIBLE DIAMOND. show more