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“All of our foods are created in small batches with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. The result is amazing flavor that is quite uncommonly found in a jar. “

The extra ingredient that sets a recipe over the edge? That’d be love. Well either that or whiskey, according to the gospel of the Elbow Food’s kitchen. People had always gone on and on about Derek’s grandmother’s spaghetti gravy—a thick, flavorful sauce with small chunks of onion, pepper and garlic that sticks to the pasta in a way that watery jarred stuff just can’t. Grandma put her recipe down on paper, but no one in the family could seem to get it right—and Derek was unable to prepare it himself due to a spinal cord injury. Then Kim came into his life and they were able to make it sing together. Inspired, they branched out into homemade ketchup, which is where the whiskey comes in. Actually, it probably came in far before then, if we had to guess. show more

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