Elisha Marie Jewelry

Elisha Marie Jewelry



Sustainable Jeweler


Austin, Texas

about Elisha Marie Jewelry

“Many of my designs don’t start their life on a piece of paper but rather by pure instinct and lots of imagination. I like to let the materials do the talking.”

Elisha’s a lady who is, um, easily distracted, so we consider it pretty awesome that she discovered a craft that plays to this tendency: metal jewelry making. In any given day, she might be sketching, sculpting and/or playing with fire. “What more can a girl ask for?” she rightfully says. With a skilled craftsman of a father and a travelling, photo-taking mother, Elisha was instilled with a sense of artistry from a young age. Though she’s had plenty of formal schooling, you can definitely see an innate sixth sense in her work, which take a page from nature and history, incorporating everything from arrows and sunrays to daggers and serpents. And, all her pieces are made with sustainable and recycled precious metals to boot. show more