Elisha Marie Jewelry

Elisha Marie Jewelry



Sustainable Jeweler


Austin, TX

about Elisha Marie Jewelry

“Many of my designs don’t start their life on a piece of paper but rather by pure instinct and lots of imagination. I like to let the materials do the talking.”

It was in college, in her very first jewelrymaking class that Elisha felt that she had found her true calling. She’d always felt that designing and creating were innate parts of her personality, and as she began working with metal, she became even more eager to learn new skills and create individualistic, wearable art. In any given day, you might find her sketching, sculpting and/or playing with fire. You can definitely see an innate sixth sense in her work, which take a page from nature and history, incorporating everything from arrows and sunrays to daggers and serpents. Plus her work isn’t just inspired by the earth—she also strives to be kind to it, and all her pieces are crafted with sustainable, responsible and ethical processes. show more