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“A friend sent me a picture one of the first Passport books I ever made, worn in and well used sitting next to his Moleskin notebooks, also well used. My humble denim book was rough around the edges, but still completely together. The Moleskin was falling apart, binding torn away from a disintegrating cover. So that made me feel pretty good about the product I was creating!”

Hey, remember that time you took that elective class in college that was pretty much a “throw away” so you opted to take something “easy” where you slept in and eat Cheetos and only showed for the final? No? Maybe that was just us. Marilyn of Emgie Libris, on the other hand, took a single book binding class her senior year and it changed her whole life. They started off as a mix-mash of chunky, hardbound books using imaged papers and blanks. The most critical compliment she got was that the books were “too beautiful to use” for writing. So Marilyn thought back to her own notebook journaling ways and realized the thin, pliable style of Moleskine were much preferred. And so Emgie Libris was born with super durable, soft-bound notebooks that also stood out from the Moleskine game by their gorgeous textured fabric, much of it recycled from the fashion industry’s collective waste baskets. And also tends to stand up to the typical wear and tear better than the namesake notebooks. It creates an ever-changing rotation of new fabric--denim, twill, leather--so the creative inspiration is always fresh and exciting. Since then, of course, Emgie Libris has become the journal/sketchbook/notepad of choice for Marilyn and beyond. show more

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