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“We’re interested in glass as a material. When hot, the consistency is like honey. It glows and drips and moves in this slow graceful manner. It is truly mesmerizing. Then it cools, and is rigid and cold and fragile. It has amazing contrast in its hot and cold states.”

Justin & Andi’s process of creating design-forward glassware has been described as a silent ballet. After over 10 years of collaboration, they both know their parts by pure instinct. They’re so accustomed to each other’s movements and techniques that verbal communication just isn’t necessary—it’s a physical, intellectual, team-based process that’s at the core of their work. After meeting at a Brooklyn public glass studio and creating quite a following with elite fine artists, they came up with the idea to create modern, functional, concept-based glassware aimed at the design industry—and not the gallery pedestal. (With names like Donna Karen, Hugo Boss and Design Within Reach on their roster of clients, they could say mission accomplished.) Esque favors the playful, toeing the line between fine art and function. While Justin pushes the boundaries of the material, Andi likes to tackle the conceptual, fine art angle. The result is super functional, heirloom-quality conversation pieces that you will want to put on display—but not on a pedestal. show more

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