Factory 43

Clever Clothiers

“We love t-shirts, but are pretty particular when it comes to buying them. So instead of trolling the Internet for the perfect tees, we decided to make them ourselves.”

When Andrew and Veronica met in the art department of the now-defunct Seattle Post-Intelligencer, they knew they had a shared love for antiquated print objects. When they suddenly had a whole lot more time on their hands, they decided to buy their own printing press, a 1950 Heidelberg Windmill that they nicknamed Pacman, and to create the line of clever and loveable screen-printed tees they always wanted in their own closets. Andrew’s mixed-media illustration style worked just right with their quirky subject matter; hand-drawn elements are combined with photographic collage in an odd n’ eye-catching way. And they say print is dead.

andrew & veronica's goods