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“When we tell people we build furniture out of shipping pallets, we receive a rather lackluster response. Once I show them our work, they’re astonished. All too often people think we take pallets in their entirety and use them in that basic form. For me, the joy is when they discover the contrary. They realize the individual character and charm of each and every single piece we create.”

Let’s be honest: reclaimed wood has officially become “a thing”. So while Andrew and his tinkering-type dad were wanting to take old wood and create their rustic style of furniture and art, they realized barn wood was kind of, well, everywhere. They wanted to venture into something a little different… hence, their decision to start tinkering with pallets. And not only that, but to tinker beyond what they’d seen so far with pallet furniture made with just four wheels or stacked as a bench. Their designs had to be different. And in the finished product, that thought and difference shows. “To us, pallet wood is beautiful and rich with character. Every piece tells a story… so to take something so commonly discarded and turn it into works of art… it’s truly rewarding.” Our medium doesn’t exist in a big box home improvement store. It exists in the alleyways and factories of America. That is the story we try to tell.” Translation: trend pieces these are not. show more

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