Flea Market Rx

Flea Market Rx



Vintage Re-Imaginer


Santa Barbara, CA

about Flea Market Rx

“My creative bliss comes from the organic process of joining seemingly disparate vintage and repurposed elements to create something entirely new.”

Hilary has always lived by the William Morris mantra: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” In over 20 years as a designer, she had developed an incredible eye but had never actually made anything with her two hands. A little over two years ago, she took a decrepit, rusty agricultural feeder, strung it up and turned it into her first handmade design. A light went on—literally—and thus began a line of vintage and industrial-inspired lighting and décor, often made using beautifully textured found objects. She might re-imagine an antique lamp part or reclaim some plumbing pipe to make an elegant table. Like a finely tailored suit, it is the details and the craftsmanship that you don’t see that make each of Hilary’s pieces so exquisite, like the rich textural patinas and unexpected design elements. show more

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