Traveling Bag Lady
New York, New York

“Maybe my biggest accomplishment and favorite creation would be the Trilogy bag. Out of all of the bags created and manufactured around the world, Trilogy was selected and purchased by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. So that was a pretty awesome compliment!”

Jill’s a Brooklyn maker with some well-established roots (yep, she’s fifth generation)—and a major penchant for travel, art and adventure. Her mission is to create timeless, heirloom-quality bags that can keep up and also have a sense of style and sophistication. The process starts with sketches that include swatches and hardware. Then the “mechanics” develop samples that address stress-points, stitching and lining, paying meticulous attention to detail. The result is a gorgeous bag with a less-is-more aesthetic and simple yet well-thought-out details that stand the test of time. Or, rather, the test of long-endured adventure.