Foamy Wader

Foamy Wader



Seaside-inspired jeweler


Seattle, Washington

about Foamy Wader

“As a native of Seattle, the city is ever-present in my work. When I think of the seaside, I picture the pebbled shores of the Pacific Northwest meeting imposing Pines. The gems and recurring shapes I work with all echo life in the Emerald City.”

There’s nothing quite like a career in banking or more specifically, the riveting field of regulatory compliance, that will make one’s creative wheels start spinning out of control outside of work. Alexa began making in her spare time, blending with wire-wrapping and metal smith techniques, using organic quality gemstones, developing her own methods of cluster and constellation pieces. Soon enough, it was a full-blown, fully-realized obsession. So let it be a lesson to every burgeoning artist working in a desk job: even banking can spawn the most creative of endeavors. show more