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“These bracelets are constructed from thin pieces of natural wood. The warm hues textured with the grain wrapped around your wrist organically responds to your body heat and moisture. They are so light and comfortable; you can forget you have it on!”

Henry grew up on the coast of New England surrounded by the tradition of woodworking. One could say he basically was raised on wood -- making all kinds of objects from tiny sculptures to floating boats. But it wasn’t until after 35 years in the corporate world that he felt that working with wood calling him back. He returned to the passion of crafting with a new perspective--and was commissioned on a project to work with wood veneers. That’s when the idea for Forestique came to him. Everything about the wood--the grain and color, the way it looked in its most natural state without any dyes or chemicals--it was a piece of wearable inspiration. And that’s exactly what people say about the bracelets; as Henry puts it, “I have customers who say they get constant compliments on their bracelet. People don’t believe it’s actually wood until they touch it. And that makes it feel like a piece of art I can have on me everyday.” show more

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