strapping designer

"I didn't want to design an ordinary camera strap, but one that could make a difference."

After years of lugging her camera around on the boring black strap it was born with, Katie had finally gotten fed up. She exclaimed "enough!" to the stock straps of yore, and instead? Why she designed her own – a camera strap with a vintage feel, fashionable colors and comfortable adjustability. Oh, and it makes a difference, too. In addition to designing svelte camera straps, Katie also runs Fotolanthropy, which is, "a non-profit that donates portrait sessions and short films to people overcoming adversity," she explained. And a portion of her sales go toward this noble cause: a movement of artists who are capturing true, inspirational stories – and looking pretty durn spectacular while they do it, if we may be so bold. Each strap is sturdily constructed from durable, genuine leather in a stunning chestnut brown, and meant to last – basically the opposite of that ol' flimsy strap your camera came with.