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Frankie & Coco Kitchenette



Salt Infuser


Boise Eliot, Portland

about Frankie & Coco Kitchenette

"We are inspired by fresh, local ingredients and love creating new, interesting flavor combinations, and the merging of our two distinct styles always adds something unexpected."

Sea salt had become a little too ho-hum for Maya and Sarah. The duo, which draws inspiration from, well, practically everywhere in their hometown of Portland decided to add a healthy dose of flavor and design to the sea salt market. Their flavors are intriguing –– think sriracha, lemon pepper and chipotle bourbon (we'll take three of those, please) –– and slow roasted in small batches for increased flavor. If you pick up a jar, the ladies warn that you might want to keep an eye on it –– for they've been known to disappear at dinner parties, under the most mysterious of circumstances. show more

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