Wooden Accessorizer


Portland, OR

about Frawn

“There are quite a few laser cut jewelry designs out there, but I use raster images from photographs in addition to the cutting that adds another layer to the design. I also use tape to mask areas before and after the laser cutting and this process gives the painted pieces the crisp edges.”

Love and art and computers. It’s a match made in modern creative heaven and for Fran, a commercial interior designer by trade, her love of creative paired with her love of technology brought about a profession that allowed her to do both. Her architecture firm had a laser cutter that was used to make physical models for architecture clients. On a whim, Fran decided to make a pair of laser-cut wood earrings for herself and then for her family for the holidays. Next it was total strangers stopping to ask about them. Finally, when shop owners began to ask her where they could find them, she took that as a (heavy-handed) hint that she should start making and selling them for herself… further combining that love of art and tech into a whole new profession: jewelry making! show more