Friend in Cheeses Jam Company

Friend in Cheeses Jam Company



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Santa Cruz, CA

about Friend in Cheeses Jam Company

“My love of jam and cheese has enabled me to meet farmers, vintners, mongers, geeks and food lovers; the thread that binds us is love of food.”

If you’ve got yourself a fine cheese—say, a smoky gouda or a salty bleu or maybe creamy round of brie—Tabitha has the friend its always been waiting for. Her seasonal jams, jellies and preserves are a serious delight with all of the above (plus approx. 10,000 more things under the sun). They were born in 2009, after 20 years of perking palates as a Cordon Bleu chef and cheese monger, creating condiments for wineries and teaching pairing classes. Tabitha considers Mother Nature to be her boss: If there’s a cool summer, no golden raspberries. If there’s an abundance of fall figs, she cranks up that jam. Literally. show more

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