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Fuzzy Ink

mustache manufacturer
Silver Spring, MD

"The majority of our biz, from the design to the printing to the packing, is all done in-house. We also have a team of gnomes that help in the production of our wearable mustaches which is definitely quite useful these days."

Like facial hair or not, mustaches are here to stay. At least we tend to think so. And so, it seems, does John Paul, who created Fuzzy Ink as a way to support his passion for all upper lip pet lovers among us. What began as a few designs printed in a spare bedroom has grown into a warehouse full of everything from shirts to cookie cutters. Give 'em a little time, and the Fuzzy love will grow on you too. That is, literally (if you're a dude) and figuratively (if you just like mustache paraphernalia a whole bunch).