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Clay Sculptor


Bloomington, MN

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"I love adding textures, patterns or colors, and I am always changing or tweaking each design to create something new. Sometimes it's a subtle change and other times it's not, but my designs are constantly evolving."

The practicality and beauty of ceramics is what drew Sara into the world of clay in the first place. (Well, that, and the fact that her family is chock-full of creative women.) And Sara's clay housewares have both — vivid swirls of color and an uncanny ability to hold a morning cup of joe just so. Each design goes through a long process of tweaking before it's ready to be decorated and then fired at 2300 degrees. And since Sara's constantly experimenting with new techniques, no two pieces of rustic kitchenware are ever the same. We're more than okay with that. show more

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