Gina DeSantis

Gina DeSantis



Ceramicist au natural


Lakewood, OH

about Gina DeSantis

“Every piece that comes out of my studio I have touched from start to finish. Everything is wheel-thrown or hand-built, -carved and -glazed. Because I hand-carve every piece, no two are every the same. You are getting a truly unique product.”

Like many great things, Gina’s decade-long affair with ceramics was a happy accident. She was getting a degree in graphic design, and happened to walk by the ceramics lab. She gave herself to the hypnotic potter’s wheel—and has been creating functional ceramics ever since. Her materials of choice are a white stoneware and porcelain; Shapes and textures in nature are what inspires her patterns and glaze combinations. And that is ever-so clear in faux bois line, which combines the unmistakable texture of trees with a ghostly white material. Careful, you may be inclined to collect them all. As she was once told, “I think your ceramics are like plastic surgery or tattoos. Once you start, you can’t stop.” Blame it on a happy accident? show more