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Haden Designs

Personable Designer
Raleigh, NC

“Chaos is what some may call it--but it’s how I work best. Not gonna lie, I am most creative when surrounded by materials spread out all over my work table. To be able to look down and get inspiration from a bead I see out of the corner of my eye just seems to work for me.”

To adorn: to make something (or someone) more attractive by the addition of something beautiful. Liz has always been intrigued by this definition -- of what people wear as jewelry and how they adorn themselves. More importantly, she loves figuring out WHY they choose what they do to express their individuality. Her collection of adorable adornments are meant to give the same feeling of unique beauty to the individual wearer. It’s why a lot of her pieces feel very custom. They’re meant to represent the person who owns it.