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Garrison Park, Austin

about Hammer It Out

"The hardest part of making is trusting that the finished product will look the same as it does in your head. It is a lovely thing to get to a place where you can feel confident that it will turn out just right."

When she applied for a job as an artist's assistant, Megan didn't think she'd be doing much––get coffee, maybe answer a phone call or two––certainly not make small metal creatures with a giant power hammer. (Spoiler: she ended up doing that last one. Lots.) Though her gut reaction that first day was to run, within the hour Megan was ready to wield the hammer for the rest of her life. Today she's making stainless steel goods for homes and gardens, using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. Heck, she even powers her shop by solar panel. And she much prefers it to fetching coffee. show more

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