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cozy crafter
Takoma Park, MD

"My mom said, "Oh Amina, actually these are very nice!" Whenever my mom says "actually" – you know you've won."

It was one summer in college that Amina first got the natural business itch. And after driving all over the state, developing her hand-crafted creations, she fell in love with it (the business, not the itch). She believes that products should be good for the soul and for the earth – which is why she uses sustainable, healthy materials such as soy wax, natural fragrance oils, cotton and lead-free wicks. She aims to embody the simplicity and calmness often missing from modern city life. For best results, Amina suggests donning sweatpants as you cozy up in front of a Netflix marathon while enjoying the soft glow of candles. Comfy socks are optional – but who are we kidding? It's hibernating time.

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