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Portland, Oregon

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“It is interesting to see an idea come to fruition, transforming an ordinary piece of wood into so many different looking chopsticks with unique styles.”

Lots of Asian countries have their own version of chopsticks: In China, you’ll find milky white porcelain ones; in Tibet, the etched bamboo variety; in Korea, stainless steel flat sticks are the noodle slurper of choice. In the land of HANK, you’ll find the hand-carved wooden variety, artfully adorned with hand-painted embellishments. Allison’s obsession began quite by accident, while searching around her kitchen in the throws of another crafty project. She painted a pair to look like a bow arrow and was taken aback by their simple, lovely nature. Now each pair of her HANK by Henry chopsticks are hand-carved in the U.S. then meticulously painted with understated details. Bottom line: these are way more than utensils. They’re delightful rice scoopers, artful sushi grabbers, seductive stir-fry scoopers… you get the picture. show more

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