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“Although the pieces may look very similar, the handmade details vary from one piece to the next—and that is what makes each one unique. I also pay special attention when sanding my pieces, as I want the finished piece to be super smooth and pleasant to the touch.”

Hana nicked her dad’s stoneware clay and used his kiln to make adorable stamped bridesmaids necklaces for her first enterprise, A Quiet Curiosity. When she decided to expand her line to all sorts of happy-go-lucky accessories, she started working with the more versatile polymer clay. (Bonus: not sneaking around dad’s workspace.) She literally filled up notebooks and notebooks of ideas for incredibly sweet touches for a festive day, from custom bunting cake toppers to hand-stamped gift tags. These touches may seriously inspire a high-pitched coo in the most hardcore of ladies (and most dudes, too--it’s embarrassing). show more

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