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Marietta, Georgia

about Host & Toast

“Even though each piece is different, we’d describe our overall brand as bold and graphic, pretty and delicate, rustic yet industrial, vintage yet modern. We love the idea of mixing traditional styles with something original. And always relatable.”

David and Carlen are an example of a husband-and-wife team who balance and build off their significant other’s strengths. Carlen, for instance is the hostess with the mostess and the dreamer-upper (yes, it’s a thing) of amazing events. David is the builder, the one who uses his experience in design and construction to make those dream events a reality. And thus, their event company Host & Toast became their mutual labor of love. And these goods? They combine more modern techniques of laying everything out with graphic design and ProSeries CNC lasers and then finishing each piece with more traditional, handmade methods--sanding, painting, finishing and packaging each frame by hand. It’s all about the yin and yang... and we guess that goes for both their marriage, their business, and their lovely handmade wedding flair. show more