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Jersey City, NJ

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“I select flavors that remind me of childhood and use real chile peppers in my lollipops to create an all natural spicy flavor. They’re fruity lollipops that have a nice long lasting heat to satisfy any sweet and spicy cravings.”

To say Maria enjoys cooking up spicy tropical candies? Well, that would be a bit of an understatement. After all, the confectioner has a rich Caribbean heritage and a deep love for all things sweet and spicy. It all began with a trip to Mexico fifteen years ago, and she's been addicted to spicy candy ever since. Maria uses flavors she loved as a kid and added heat to compliment them — tropical fruits like mangos and coconuts meet the likes of habaneros and ghost peppers when she's at the helm. The result? Tasty lollipops with a range of heat wide enough to satisfy pepper novices and chileheads alike. show more

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