House of Moss

House of Moss



Wool Sculptor


Dundee, Oregon

about House of Moss

“My business is centered around the beauty of the forest, so I make it a priority to avoid exploiting the earth in my processes and packaging. Wool is very eco-friendly and I source my materials locally whenever possible.”

Alison is a wool artist whose medium of choice is more along the lines of hearts and acorns than sweaters (they're a lot less itchy). She uses a process called needle felting to intertwine the fibers of the wool, creating her fluffy decorations. Each and every little piece is inspired by her natural surroundings, which is why Alison goes to great lengths to ensure that everything from the process to the packaging is completely eco-friendly. So you can feel good about displaying her little wool wares at homes, parties or offices. Heck, carry a couple in your pocket — they're probably lucky. show more