Ilsa Loves Rick

Ilsa Loves Rick



Jewelry Modernist


Newtown, PA

about Ilsa Loves Rick

“I would say the most interesting thing about my designs are that they are made with great intention and integrity, designed to be worn alone or layered for a more or less bold statement of simplicity.”

After getting an MFA from Yale, Gabrielle had a long and illustrious career as a portrait photographer. It was while attending a film conference with her husband that she had a fated run-in with jewelry design—launching her onto a totally different path. Well, not that different, according to Gabrielle. The meditative process of developing a silver negative is not unlike working molten gold at a bench. And the modernist aesthetic that grounded her artwork is also reflected in her elegant jewelry designs. They make a statement of simplicity. (Yes, that is possible.) So, who IS Ilsa? That’s a Casablanca reference, a nod to a great, iconic love, which everyone should possess and surround themselves with, if you ask Gabrielle. show more