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“Each item is individually handcrafted in a positive environment by a people with a true passion and enjoyment for their work. Sturdy construction in classic linen and leather in a simple, yet modern design yields a product that will be useful season after season.”

When Janine moved to Hong Kong with her boyfriend, she was certain that she was going to put her free time to good use: write the next great bestseller, master karate, learn Mandarin—and journal all of her great adventures. Instead, she found her life’s direction while wandering aimlessly in an area of town filled with shops that carry ribbons and trims and beads and sequins and notions. Oh, and lots of fabric. After a lot of trial and error on a newly purchased sewing machine, and hopping back home to New York, she honed her breezy style of handmade bags, which includes natural linens and thick, high-quality leather. show more

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