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Iron and Dibble



Iron Gardener


Tucson, Arizona

about Iron and Dibble

"I'm a strong advocate for reusing and repurposing––so it seems fitting that I make creations out of what others have discarded. I'm just a girl making everything out of my garage, using whatever I can scavenge from the local scrap yard."

Lindsey's love for handmade goes way back. And the culprits? Why, her grandparents, of course. They always had projects running––wood, paint, clay––you name it, she's played with it. So when she wanted to escape the daily hum of her mechanical engineering classes, Lindsey fell in love with making things all over again. This time, it was welding. And it was serious. Next she combined it with her penchant for urban gardening, whipping up simple industrial creations right in her garage. Creations that have people shaking their heads and asking, "You made that?" Yup. She sure did. show more

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