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Irontree Clothing



Destiny Designer


Camarillo, California

about Irontree Clothing

“Being in the ocean, on it, anywhere near it makes me happy… so I took a few years to explore the uncharted waters of incongruous images, distilling them down leaving sea-inspired graphics and deciding to tack Irontree’s course in line with my lifelong love of all things nautical.”

Even some art school grads who go on to find creatively stimulating jobs in the media industry find themselves craving to create something free of corporate interests. And so even while working in the film industry, Jason went back to a compiled box of images and list of ideas he’d collected over the years, ones he knew “were destined to be graphics on t-shirts.” The visual pieces soon merged with his personal appreciation for the perfect-fitting t-shirt not to mention his lifelong dream of controlling one’s own entrepreneurial destiny… and behold: Irontree Clothing. show more