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“I did my first shrinky dink doodles while watching the Cosmos. I drew a picture of Carl Sagan, baked him in the oven, and made a pin of him. Suddenly everyone was asking me ‘Where did you get that!? Make me one!’ So I started to make more. That’s where the collection started: Carl Sagan.”

She calls them “noun drawings”. Why? Well because Jodi categorizes her quirky doodles by people, places and things. It started with illustrations of scientists on shrink film. “I don’t know, people kinda dug them,” she explains, nonchalantly, “So I just started to draw different things I found interesting and hoped others would find interesting too. I’m often told I should have been a grade school teacher.” Maybe that’s because of Jodi’s fascination with all things science, nature and learning. She finds herself totally emerged in whatever subject she is going to draw next. Every time she goes to draw something, she studies it thoroughly first. Which may explain why she has such a collection of “totally nerdy” (her words, not ours) science scholars like, well, Carl Sagan. Too bad Jodi’s shrinky dink illustrations couldn’t have been around to teach us important science lessons when we were in grade school; things would’ve been WAY more interesting.... show more

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