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Kat Vaughan Photography



Pinhole Photographer


Midtown, Atlanta

about Kat Vaughan Photography

"The fun part is having to wait to come home to see what the pictures actually look like. It’s a giant guessing game and it kills me sometimes that I have to wait to see my results!"

It began as a middle school hobby. But okay, sure; we all have those budding hobbies… and usually, they amount to nothing more than an in-the-moment passionate flash in the pan. Kat Vaughan’s, however, happened to lead her into a meaningful future. After attending the Columbus College of Art & Design, Kat realized her young love of photography by pushing the boundaries on a project that required the use of a pinhole camera. It drew her from young photography fling and quickly took her to the forefront of Pinhole photography. Because of the pinhole style—ethereal and dream-like as it is—Kat found potential in works that could set her style apart from the rest. And the rest, as they say, is history. show more