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Kate & Moose



Earring Constructor


Arlington, VA

about Kate & Moose

"My process is simple; play around with chalks and pastels and paints and see what color develops. The magic happens when discovering a new color!"

Kate’s line of perfectly wearable earrings started with a personal dilemma. As a young twentysomething with an office gig, she had a hard time finding jewelry that was both fun and work-appropriate. Yet unable to afford some of the fancy retailers who offered pieces that were just right, she decided to create her own. Her process is totally unique, and the resin in each of the small domes is mixed, colored and poured by hand to create each earring. Surprisingly, the hues are developed with chalks, pastels and acrylic paints—all supplies that are readily available at your local art store. The shiny little studs are bold, but easy to pair with many an outfit. Kate did design them for accessorizing for both work and play, after all. show more

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