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Kiana Mosley

Rebellious Painter
Eugene, OR

“I try to bring a sense of connection and beauty to whatever I am creating; I try to depict what it might feel like to get lost in a beautiful and ethereal place, either real or imagined.”

A cathartic (and mysterious) moment in 2008 led this maker to pursue a career as an artist. Working with any medium that she could get her hands on, Kiana developed an affinity for watercolor, which she fondly refers to as “rebellious paint.” Like many an artist, she relies on music and coffee to get her creative juices flowing (here! here!), but admits to easily being distracted by the next round of color and beauty. This hasn't stopped her from cranking out a whole line of Asian- and folk-inspired prints though, not to mention a hand-crafted Ron Burgundy birthday cake for her husband that she cites as a favorite creation. That’s what we’d call rebellion with a cause.