Pendant Purveyor
Portland, OR

“I once had a lady tell me her dog loved my mason jar pendant! I think she meant that she liked the way it looked on her dog's collar... but I will never be sure.”

This is what you call the best of old and new design--the nostalgia of vintage meets the modern 2-D graphic design. Kim has married her love of antique imagery (and her quest to find graphic imagery that represented it) with her own degree in graphic design. Doodling and drawing since she was just a wee little artist, her KimBuilt line was her way to merge the worlds in the form of wearable pendants. Inspiration comes from visiting estate sales and thrift shops weekly, from everyday objects like a stapler or coffee mug or flour sifter. “If an item has beautiful lines, I try to translate it into something a person would find interesting.” And that’s a beauty that goes well for old and new.

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