Kirkwood Clay

Pottery Traditionalists
Greensboro, North Carolina

"Every single piece we make, we make together. We take turns throwing pieces on the wheel, firing the kiln, and delicately sanding each piece. Nothing leaves our studio without scrutiny and unanimous approval."

When Scott and Tiffany first explored pottery, they were hoping to spend more time together. And, well, it worked. Now the duo lives, breathes, and drinks from pottery on the daily––and loves every nanosecond of it. They focus on the juxtaposition of smooth glaze and stony clay, and read up on plenty o' pottery magazines for inspiration. (They also blast music while working––which counts as inspiration too.) And while they certainly enjoy making the pieces together, their favorite part of the process? Opening the kiln after a glaze fire. "It's like Christmas morning!" they gleefully explain.

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