KMM Leather

Athens, GA

“The most interesting part of the process is dealing with imperfections in leather. All pieces are different. Some have brands and some have holes. If I can find a unique way to highlight a brand to create a one-of-a-kind piece, then I have done my job correctly.”

When Kyle majored in accessory design, he thought he’d go to work for a big company doing something creative. Sounds like a perfectly okay plan, but very quickly he fell for the art of crafting simple leather goods by hand, creating a heirloom-quality, small-scale, locally made product instead of a mass produced one. Each one of his hardcore leather goods is cut and sewn by hand, the old-fashioned way. When Kyle needs to remember why he’s spending so much freaking time on each piece, he just takes a peek the old photos and well-worn goods that he collects as little reference pieces. See, these leather goods don’t just last forever, they get better with age, kind of like a ’92 Cab from the Rhone region (okay, busted, but at least it sounded good).

kyle's goods