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Hands-On Designer
Santa Paula, CA

“It’s the hands-on approach that makes our products unique. From the first steps to it being ready to ship, there are over 50 pairs of hands that touch a single pair of pants.”

Nick was a creative with a dream. Knowing he wanted to create a clothing line, he bartended, window washed and barista’ed his way to funding a start-up. Now he’s got a bona fide jeans and pants empire (seen, ahem, at New York Fashion Week) that is special because of its very hands-on approach. First, he imports the fabrics from Italy himself, directly from the mills. Then there’s the construction, which takes four hours and 40 steps for a single pair of pants. When it’s all said and done, over 50 pairs of hands touch each pair. See, he told you it was hands on.

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