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Lettered & Lined



typographer & designer


Northeast Portland

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“These are art prints that earn their keep! Some have function; some sass back; and some offer sweet, simple sentiment. They’re meant to transform a functional house into a more artful home.”

They say your best creative ideas come to you when you’re not even trying to come up with them. Like in the shower. Or in traffic. Or, you know, whilst cleaning the lint out of the dryer cage. Which was exactly the case for Kelly, a graphic designer who always seemed to have creative juices still churning around after her day job and on through her chores. Meeting her love of clean lines and design, with the function of “finally decoding those dang cleaning instruction symbols on clothes tags,” Kelly had an art print on her hands. Inspiration may have struck in the laundry room, but it soon found its way around the entire home, giving every room a little more artful purpose. show more