Liebe is jam

Fruit Picker
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“When it comes to creating the jams and flavors, the process always varies – the way that I create a jam with bananas is completely different than the way I make one with apples.”

Don’t be alarmed by the sound of "Come on Eileen" drifting from Nicole's Brooklyn abode. It just means she's completed yet another batch of her sweet homemade jams, packed with fresh fruit and herbs. Not typically superstitious, the German native plays the catchy tune during every jam making session, the same way her grandma used to. After all, grandma's jam always turned out perfect. The fruit selections change with the seasons and every piece of produce is picked, cooked, and jarred by Nicole herself. The finished product? A jar of jam that's just as good as a spread or by the spoonful.

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