Lille Syster

Lille Syster



Paper gardener


Easton, PA

about Lille Syster

“They say that you need to find something you love in life and this is my passion. I could spend hours making flowers… and I often do.”

Around a bride-to-be, you’ve got to be careful what you are good at. Katie’s kid sister (yes, her lil sister) turned to her ever-creative sibling for bridal shower decorations. The paper flower garlands she ended up creating were the talk of the shower. So, of course, her sister decided that she wanted—no, needed—to have them at the wedding too. Many (many) hours of handiwork later, hundreds of feet of garland transformed a Vermont inn. And Katie’s business was born. Today she still hand-makes sophisticated, modern flower garlands using recycled paper. And they still transform a regular room into a place of festivity in seconds flat. show more

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