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Somerville, MA

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“I believe in using real flavoring, so you won’t find oils, extracts or substitutes in any of Lu’s products. And every product is made to order, so it’s fresh as possible when you receive it.”

As a professional pastry chef, Lu had pre-dawn baking shifts in which she’d watch the San Francisco Bay turn golden and violet and late-night dessert platings that made her tireless and precise. But it wasn’t until she whipped up a batch of vanilla bean marshmallows for a friend’s backyard barbecue that true inspiration struck. (Ahem, still waiting for our invite.) She couldn’t stop the ‘mallowing, creating treats with a pillow-y texture and inventive flavors using real ingredients, like fresh herbs and fruit. It’s a fluffy bit of happiness totally unlike the cellophane-wrapped store variety. show more

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