Jewelry Craftswoman
Portland, OR

“Many of my pieces draw on the beauty of the desert and Native American art and artifacts. Delicate chains and wire wrapping paired with the rough hammered components make a perfect balance that can be dressed up or down.”

In addition to that first sip of coffee every morning, Anna finds inspiration from growing up in the Southwest. The golden wind-swept desert and intricate Native American art all find their way into her unique line of jewelry. She pairs hammered elements with delicate chains and wire-wrappings, finding just the right balance between airy and substantial components. Ever the maker, she started out crafting knit accessories but helping out with a friend’s jewelry business quickly turned into her own designs—and her own line. A true one-woman show, she does all her own graphics, photography and paper shuffling—in addition to making her jewelry, which kind of makes us want to ride horseback through a parched desert (though we’ll refrain).

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